Crossover Cable Wiring Diagram Color Code

This article show ethernet crossover cable color code and  wiring diagram Ethernet cable rj45  cat 5 cat 6

To connect two or more computers we use either router or network hub. There is also another way by using CAT 5 crossover cable which provides direct connection between two computers. The Cat 5e standard is enhanced version of category 5 cable which is used to make direct connection between the computers. With the Ethernet ports it can connect two or more computers but to do it properly crossover cable is needed. Now the broadband routers are also using crossover cables for a connection.


Crossover Wiring Diagram :

CAT 5 crossover cable is used to create 2-node untwisted pair network which can connect two computers. The transmit pins on each connector are connected to the receive pins which is at the other end of the cable. You can easily make connection with the crossover cable in your home. You only need is the Cat 5e network cable to connect the two computers, two standard RJ-45 connectors, wire cutters and crimping device. The cable comes with twisted wire but in different way. It allows the Cat 5e cable to transmit and receive signals from the computers without waiting for a router or network hub.


Crossover Cable Color Code :

There are eight different wires which are sequentially coded with color as per the TIA/EIA-568-B wiring standard that is fitted into the RJ-45 connector pin. It is fitted in following ways: The white and orange coded wire is kept into pin1, orange into pin2, white and green into pin3 and blue into the pin4. In pin5, white and blue color wire is kept, green into pin6, white and brown into pin7 and brown into pin8.
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At the other end of the crossover cable, the wires into the pins of corresponding RJ-45 connector are fitted in different ways. In this white and green color coded wire is placed into pin1, green into pin2, white and orange into pin3, white and brown into pin 4. And in next the brown wire is fitted into pin5, orange into pin6, blue into pin7 and white and blue into pin8. You need to ensure that each wire is inserted fully into the front end connector and in correct sequel manner.

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