An Overview of CAT 6 Plenum Wire

cat 6 plenum wireCAT 6 plenum wire is composed of solid copper conductor which is free from significant data loss problem. In braided copper wire which is used in CAT 6 non-plenum cable causes data loss problem. CAT 6 plenum wire has a diameter which matches to standard 23 AWG CAT 6 cables. National Electrical Code (NEC) has defined its electrical rating of the wire and it does not heat beyond a safe limit. The wire of the CAT 6 plenum cable works as a major component and carries data. It is also used in a coaxial cable for CATV and CCTV application. When it is used for TV applications it is rated as per the Radio Guide standard. In TV applications usually wire conforming to RG59 or RG6 is used.

CAT 6 plenum cable is also used in networking applications which is inserted into the wiring end of an RJ-45 connector and it is sealed by using crimping tool. It is used in many different applications. In multimedia application it is used in custom cables which carry data as well as audio/video files at the same time. It is used by using HDMI ports that connects to CAT 6 plenum cable to HDTV monitor. These high definition products are more popular and extremely used in commercial enterprises and in military surveillance networks. As CAT 6 plenum wire are made up solid copper conductor so it not easy to bend like braided non-plenum cable wire. This is because solid conductor poses more resistance while bending than the braided wire.

CAT 6 plenum wire which is routed in the building through air conditioning ducts in the form of cable. While bending the cable in the duct you must be careful while doing this. If it bends beyond its critical bending radius then you have to change the entire cable which may cost you high. CAT 6 plenum wire comes with different color code.
The eight different wires codes are:

  •  white/orange
  • orange
  • white/green
  •  blue
  •  white/blue
  •  green
  •  white/brown
  • and brown respectively.