An Overview of CAT 6 Bulk Wire

Category 6 cable has number of benefits and improvements over the CAT5 cabling infrastructures. For the new enterprise-level 1000BaseT gigabit Ethernet installation it is always better to obtain spools of 1000 feet long bundle of CAT 6 bulk cable. Buying in bulk helps you to get in cheaper and runs for long. When you are going to buy CAT 6 bulk wire make sure that it comes of the plenum variety. It will help you to use the cable for longer and you can easily route the plenum cable for the air conditioning ducts in your organization. The primary benefits of the plenum cable are that it has the highest flame protection which is chosen by the National Electrical Code.

You can obtain CAT 6 bulk cable and connectors for your office LAN. For that you have to make layout first for all your computers, hubs or switches and the air conditioning ducts to make the LAN in your building. After making layout you can know the total length of bulk cable which is required to secure for your future multimedia transmission capable gigabit Ethernet installation. Always keep some extra cable for the low bend radius. With this you will have the option to make some adjustment. CAT 6 Bulk wire comes at very competitive prices with quality. The cost of the cable starts from $350 per 1000 feet spool. You can calculate the total length of the cable and according to that you can buy.

CAT 6 bulk cable is composed of 8 insulated wires which are made up of solid copper conductor. It is available in many different types such as 1000 Spool of CAT 6 solid core plenum and 1000 Spool of shielded CAT 6 stranded plenum. Bulk cable is in contrast to stranded copper wire which is used in non-plenum cable. You also have to buy RJ45 connectors to connect the CAT 6 cable to all computer and hubs or switches. While installing you should be careful not to twist or staple the cable because insulating covering may break down while twisting

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